About Us

From the Founder:

Hi my name is Shelly Sahi and I’m from Detroit Michigan! 

Growing up in the Midwest I lived vicariously through fashion magazines. I love the glitz and glam hidden between the cover of those glossy pages but I never understood why the women in those magazines never look like me. You see, I love my Indian skin but why wasn’t it brown beautiful enough for the fashion world? 

When I started experimenting with products, I realized the product offering is just as limited. I would look at a foundation line and pick the only shade that look like me only to go home and find out that it was too orange or yellow.  

You see unlike the skin complexion that can fluctuate from pale to tan, the undertone itself is as unchanging as a color of your eyes so it doesn’t matter if you gain a tan or lose a tan, you’re always going to be only one undertone: either pink, neutral or yellow. So why are all color cosmetics tone deaf?  

Enter Sahi Cosmetics- good for you luxury cosmetics for your undertone. I used my materials science background to create color cosmetics with high performing skincare ingredients. Every product I create has skin nourishing ingredients and it's all cruelty-free and paraben-free!

Just remember, It’s not just lipstick, it’s the confidence that shines through every color.

Shelly Sahi
Instagram: @shellysahi
TikTok: @shellysahi
YouTube: Shelly Sahi

Shelly is a cross-disciplinary scientist and innovator with 7+ years of direct experience in prototype and product development, project planning, management, industry and market analysis, laboratory testing, brand creation and management, strategy and execution in new venture activity, supply chain management, marketing and sales. She worked for the University of Michigan Hospital researching H. flu and chronic kidney disease before joining the materials science research group at Ford Motor Company. She was promoted to the business office and completed a Ross Evening MBA in 2.5 years. During the MBA program, she started SAHI Cosmetics through grants, Kickstarter campaigning, and various Zell Lurie Institute of Entrepreneurship scholarships. She won first place at the Michigan Business Challenge this year and was named the Weiser Entrepreneur Of The Year. In total, she raised has $295,000 in external investment. SAHI Cosmetics participated in the Winter 2017 cohort at the Desai Accelerator at U of M. Financially backed by AOL founder, Steve Case.

In 2019, she has been awarded "CRAIN'S 20 IN THEIR 20s"


Hugo brings seven years of cuddling experience to the SAHI team. He works tirelessly to inspect every inch of our headquarters to ensure safety at all levels. Hugo also inspects everyone’s food and follows people to the kitchen to ensure no one eats without him. He accompanies the team to post office trips, and barks at the USPS staff to ship out packages with efficiency and care.