All the Single Ladies, It’s Galentine’s Day
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8/Feb All the Single Ladies, It’s Galentine’s Day

When you think of February 14th, you think of a romantic dinner with bae, lots of flowers, and, if you’re single, a constant reminder that you are single and ready to mingle.  Don’t let this bring you down.  First of all, here at SAHI we are so into the idea that you don’t need no man or woman so never get sad on V-day.  Instead, we believe every woman, in a relationship or not, should take this day to celebrate what’s really important: your girls! Yes, go out this Valentine’s Day with your girl friends and celebrate your own Galentine’s Day, Leslie Knope style.

Never heard of Galentine’s Day before?  That’s okay.  SAHI has some great idea for you and your friends.  Just grab as many of your closest girl friends that you can find and treat yo’selves.

Don’t worry guys, you can take any of these ideas and make a Guyentine’s Day too!

Spa Day

It is essential to give yourself a spa day as much as possible and if you haven’t gone in a while, Galentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for a facial.  You and your friends can gossip over mani/pedis, relax with some cucumbers, and drink all the lemon water your hearts desire.  What could be better than this? A date with bae where you have to wear heels and an uncomfortable dress? Nah.  Don’t wanna spend all that money at the spa?  Check out the internet, order yourselves some face masks, and have an in-home spa day with your friends!

Junk Food

Not into spending money at the spa?  Don’t worry.  Pair Galentine’s Day up with cheat day.  Buy all you and your friends favorite junk foods and feast.  We are talking Doritos, pizza, french fries, chicken nugs, ranch dressing (is this one just us?), soda, literally anything else that will make you feel so good in the moment and so bad the next day.  Put on a movie and eat your little hearts out.  You all deserve one cheat day for being such amazing, independent, women.

Bad TV

Yes, watch that soap opera you’re too embarrassed to tell your SO about.  Put on old reruns of Jersey Shore.  Watch Judge Judy if that is your secret desire.  Today is all about you and your friends feeling no shame about being yourselves and owning who you are.  And if you are a girl that secretly is in love with trashy reality TV showcasing some of the funniest moments in history, go for it.  Cartoons?  Yeah.  You go, girl, even if your taste in TV isn’t Golden Globes level.

Toddlers and Tiaras is always a great one.


Okay, so you could binge out on food and TV, but if you want an avtivity that will make you and your girl friends feel good about yourselves, go out and volunteer.  Do something good for this world.  Because you might not have a Valentine’s Day date but you are still so lucky just to live the life you do.  Help out the less fortunate and take the time to really appreciate the amazing friends in your life.  That is what Galentine’s Day is all about.

Whatever you chose to do this Valentine’s Day, remember to rock whoever you are and whatever you stand for.  Check out SAHI Cosmetics to find your perfect Galentine’s Day look.  #OwnYourColor and rock this day of love and all other days!

SAHI Cosmetics will be celebrating the birthday of our office puppy-in-charge, Hugo, on Valentine’s Day because is there anything better than a dog on Cupid’s birthday?  No. There isn’t.

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