Silky Valentine’s Day Lips from SAHI
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5/Feb Silky Valentine’s Day Lips from SAHI


So, it’s the middle of winter, the harsh cold has beaten up your lips into a chapped nightmare and it’s almost Valentine’s Day.  You wanted the perfect, kissable lips for whatever your V-day has in store, but you got stuck with the harsh realities of winter lips.

Here at SAHI, we cannot stand idly by and watch anyone else suffer.  This is why we have searched far and wide for the perfect lip routine to ensure your lips are “kiss me” ready for this Valentine’s Day.

You do it to your face, do it to your lips.

Yes, we are talking about exfoliation.  In order to get your lips back on track for Cupid’s Birthday this year, you have gotta scrub away the harshness of winter and come out on the other side with fresh, smooth lips.

Here at SAHI we are obsessed with this DIY lip exfoliator recipe that smells amazing and tastes even better:

Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of honey.  Mix them together until you have a smooth consistency.  Then, take two tablespoons of brown sugar and mix away.  Keep refrigerated and this will last you two weeks of exfoliant.

If you have any leftover coconut oil, check out our article on everything coconut oil can be used for!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Take after Scott Disick and moisturize.  Now that you have exfoliated your lips, keep them looking silky smooth by using a high moisture lip balm.  Check out the SAHI Hydrating Lip Balms to find the perfect color for you!

Liquid Lipstick time

SAHI Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

Okay, so it’s Valentine’s Day.  You want to make sure your lips look extra good and soft.  You have exfoliated, moisturized, now is your time to show the world what your lips are made of.  Get out your favorite shade of SAHI Cosmetics Private Blend Liquid Lipstick.  Using the tip of the flocked applicator carefully line the edges of the bottom lip. Mark an X on the cupid’s box on the top lip. Following the peak points of the X, line the side edges of the top lip. Finally, fill in the lips with the flattened side of the applicator. Opening your mouth, touch up on the sides of the mouth, and double check that you have filled the lips all the way into your mouth just before your skin touches your teeth. Let it dry for 1-2 minutes and you are set for hours! The thinner the layer of lipstick, the longer it lasts!

You are now ready to go out and rock your V-day lips



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