Kiss By The Fireside Lip Kit By SAHI (Retail Value: $73.50)

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An Exclusive Must-Have Full Size Holiday Gift Set!

Includes Three Liquid Lipsticks in shades ALIA, KATRINA & KAJOL

The Perfect Pout! Limited Edition Liquid Lipstick Set comprised of three universally flattering private blend shades, hand crafted by CEO Shelly Sahi.

This waterproof and long lasting lipstick consists of a special polymer and oil blend developed by expert cosmetic engineering. Carefully designed colors that take natural lip hues into account, ensuring complementation with medium skin tones.

Only one layer is needed for a punch of full color that will last you all night.

ALIA is a deep beige nude, KATRINA is a cinnamon nude, & KAJOL is a vivid red with blue under tones.

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