Men Have Pads, Too: The Padman Challenge
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12/Feb Men Have Pads, Too: The Padman Challenge

While our system isn’t perfect here in the United States most women have the ability to access sanitary products and other necessary items for their needs as women.  This is not a reality for many women around the world living in poverty.  There is a global crisis where women do not have access to clean, affordable sanitary products.  Women are forced to chose between sanitary products and feeding their families.

One man, Arunachalam Muruganantham, invented a machine that changed this.  His machine is able to produce low cost sanitary pads that can be accessed by millions of women who desperately need them.  It is no wonder that a new film, Padman, was just released in India that features Muruganatham’s story.  Not only does this film capture the beautiful story of a man who almost lost everything in order to help impoverished women around the world, it raised awareness that there is still a huge stigma surrounding women and mensuration.  Too many women are told they should be ashamed of the ways their bodies work and try to hide their mensuration from men because it is seen as vulgar.

To combat this stigma, the actors and actresses of the film reached out to all their fellow colleagues in Bollywood and started the #PadmanChallenge.  This challenge asks famous men and women to post pictures on Instagram with a sanitary pad in order to normalize mensuration.  Instead of being ashamed of their bodies, women around the world should embrace their beauty and have access to products that will make their lives more comfortable!

This is a message SAHI Cosmetics can get behind!  Here at SAHI we believe every woman should love themselves and be true to who they are no matter what time of the month it is.  Women across the world should be given all the possible opportunities to feel empowered and comfortable in their own bodies.  To see how SAHI Cosmetics got started and more about what we believe in, check out our About Us page!  And go check out the movie Padman.  It is in theaters across the world now.  It got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!  Go mensuration!

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