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I struggled to find make up for my Indian skin. And I know I’m not alone among the rest of the medium-skinned population––the Latina, Arabic, Mediterranean, and Indian people who have to cherry-pick among brands to find the best products for their complexions.

If I’ve found a good foundation that works for me in the winter, the second I tan, I can’t always just move to the next shade in that line–– it’s probably too pink or orange. It’s not as simple as moving to a darker shade, I may need find an entirely new brand that makes the shade that I need. I have to find a different company I have go through and experiment again to find another brand that might have the next shade that I need.

Our company not only addresses the problem, but encourages women to “Own Your Color.” We are one of the first companies to cater makeup for all ethnic skin tones. We believe in celebrating people from all walks of life, which is why this specific line was developed to work for a largely untapped segment of the market.

It’s time for a cosmetics company to decide that these ‘medium’ skinned customers are worth more than three shades in a foundation line. And ‘medium’ should not be restricted to foundation, but extend to other products — lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, contouring, and eyebrow pencils that actually complement their complexion and their natural beauty.

Sahi Cosmetics aims to make makeup shopping fun for our customers, and more importantly, empowering.

I don’t want women to feel uncomfortable in their own skin. I don’t want them to lose any confidence in who they are.

I know it’s just lipstick. But we want to make people feel confident and feel beautiful and own their color. And not be afraid to be who they are!